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The Incredible Journey begins January 24th.

We are about to begin an incredible journey and our destination is to gain a working knowledge of every book of the bible. Here are a few things that I believe will make this "journey" most profitable for you.

1. Get a good study bible--and BRING IT. Although the study itself uses the KJV, I highly recommend either an NASB, ESV, CSB, or NKJV.

2. As you study for the coming week pray for God's guidance and ask three questions as you study: What does it say? What does it mean to me? What am I going to do about it?

3. Don't stress over the verses you do not understand. This study is a "bird's eye view" of the bible, not an exegesis.

4. Don't be afraid to mark in your Bible the verse that really speak to you. Those verses often become landmarks in your faith journey.

5. Make the effort to attend every class and don't be afraid to interrupt the lesson to ask important questions.

6. The class starts at 6:45 on Wednesday. Try to arrive a few minutes early to get prepared for class.

7. Invite a friend